About us

About the founder

Geoff Newton, the founder and owner of GRVITI Watches LLC, has been a watch enthusiast for 30 plus years. He is originally from the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  He was given his love of watches from an early age when his mother bought his first watch. As an educator, she knew is it was an awesome way to help young Geoff learn how to tell time. As he grew up and matured, he realized the value of time management as well as the statement that a quality watch made on others that he interacted with.

The meaning of GRVITI Watches stems from the founder's last name Newton. He was always interested in science and admired Isaac Newton and his Law of Gravity as a celebrity. The original spelling of grVIti pays homage to the founder's homeland of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Geoff is a proud of his Caribbean heritage.


Our mission is to provide a quality, fashionable and affordable watch to every customer.  As a result of our mission, we want you to make a statement every time you wear our watches.  


Style created with time.